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Coordinate is a simple 1-page, enterprise operations management platform designed for multi-location operations to coordinate anything, anytime, anywhere and for any reason on AppStore on Google Play


"These capabilities plus our custom client support services can optimize any operations model" Product Management

Bucket-ize Anything

Create buckets to contain tasks of any type from maintenance tasks, IT issues, functions to survey follow-ups

+ External Vendors

Extend task-only access to external vendors to more directly integrate them into your operations


Track locations, assets and users to dynamically dispatch and to drive security and info sharing by proximity 

In-App Reporting

As you filter your view of your organization's activities key reporting metrics and charts update as well

IoT Integrated

Leverage cameras, sensors, locks, etc. that can conditionally alarm, notify and task as part of your ops model

Auto-Updating Email

Replace emails with live task notifications that update in your user's inbox and group to simplify tracking

Micro-Manage Users

Control all user permissions from what buckets, locations, task types, actions and interfaces they access 

Automatic Tasking

Automatically create, assign and notify users for repeating items as well as in emergency situations

Custom Dispatching

Define rules for what tasks/types require review and which can be automatically assigned

Build Your Hierarchy

Replicate your chain of command among users, map locations and regions and preserve workflows

Event Notifications

Control notifications for any event for you and your team across your permitted view of the organization

Sub-Orgs + Customers

Tie-in sub-organizations, partners and even customers into your operations models to achieve new efficiencies

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Simplify Front-Line Maintenance 

With distributed operations models like retail, franchises, property management, service centers, and regional offices, there are a lot of moving parts to keeping all your locations running smoothly and providing a consistent, quality customer experience.

Front-line employees self report maintenance issues

And when you want to do more or add new functions, simply add them in...

No upcharges, no issues


Centralize task dispatch or conditionally automate assignments

Extend per-task-only access to external vendors (kill the email)

Precisely control user access, capabilities and options

Maintain and enforce organizational hierarchy

Manage and reward accountability and responsiveness

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Rapidly Resolve Dissatisfaction 

Dissatisfied surveys automatically tasked for follow-up in real-time 

With the impact of negative customer experiences rising along with the expectations of the service you should be delivering, customer-centric organizations need to simplify their response time, preempt negative social sentiment, prevent attrition and demonstrate an even higher level of personalized, responsive care.


Conditionally manage by severity, location, function, even by customer

Automatically notify, assign and reassign so customers can't get missed

Capture and leverage actual customer sentiment in resolve efforts 

See across the entire organization and drill down for deeper analysis

Manage and reward responsiveness and customer saves 

Use Case

And when you want to do more or add new functions, simply add them in...

No upcharges, no issues


Integrate Customers Directly into Your Service Operations 

Extend task access/permissions to customers to directly participate

If you have to repeatedly coordinate with customers, whether to manage punch-lists of repairs on a new home delivery, or perform emergency services, you need a simple way to let them control the support you provide, all so you can do more with less and free your team from the endless emails, phone calls and follow-ups.


Monetize new models of self-directed customer services 

Customer pics/video to accurately assess and dispatch (skills, equip, etc)

Tie-in vendors/subcontractors on a task-by-task, task-category basis

Decrease overhead to customer ratios while improving responsiveness

Elevate your brand's customer experience to a new level

Use Case

And when you want to do more or add new functions, simply add them in...

No upcharges, no issues


 Let us Prototype Your Operation 

Who has time to self-navigate a generic trial...

We believe in proving our ability to simplify your operations models and achieve new levels of cross-enterprise accountability and performance (however you define it).

In a simple 30 minute conversation we can turn you up a private, no-obligation prototype, branded to your operation and customized according to where you want to improve efficiency, simplify the moving parts, and get everyone on the same page.


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